Meet the Family

Back in the day, Otto Jaarvinen stretched in Nature, drank herbs, massaged bodies and passed on a Finnish family tradition. 

Where it began

Or at least the last generation we know of who worked with the cycles of the Earth, and spent time with plant medicines and healing as a lifestyle...

Otto Jaarvinen became Otto Jarvis when he emigrated to Canada in the 1930's. He built a sauna on the main floor of his home-based massage practice,  made his own massage oil, and painted his porch when needed! 

He was a powerful healer and herbalist who lived quietly and helped many. 

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His daughter, Lilian Jarvis, became a celebrated dancer with the National Ballet of Canada. 

And so began a journey that led to birthing of Somatic Stretch®, and a pioneering vision into postural alignment and vitality throughout life, expressed through the graceful body and words of a true somatic sage.

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His grand-daughter, Meredith Sands Keator carries on the lineage

Having been raised in the life and work of Somatic Stretch® - beginning literally when in utero! - Meredith has been teaching since 1985. Trained in shiatsu and acupuncture in the mid-nineties, she has pioneered a method of working with the geometry of the nervous system, and she weaves 'fractal anatomy' into every class. Director of the Somatic Stretch® training program and Founder of Neural Resonance Therapy®, she offers trainings and workshops for teachers, therapists, and anyone with a body!

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