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Lilian Jarvis and Meredith Sands Keator

Mother (famous dancer and pioneering somanaut) and Daughter (therapist and researcher of all things somatic) have carried on a lineage of work that heralds from Finland - a family legacy of health and embodiment that increases flexibility and releases tension and pain. 

Their International Training Program is for individuals and teachers, online with one-on-one support. Live workshops also happen every year around the globe, and offer the opportunity for beginners to dip their toe in, or teachers to fast-track their training. 

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Home Study:

Online training portal

Online access with detailed videos, and a printable written manual are offered for you to complete Level One and Level Two of the training program. You can become certified to teach after the Level One training.

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Personalized video calls: 

You will have the option of 6, hour-long calls to go over your specific physical needs and encourage your progress. These calls are extremely helpful to support you as your body shifts and realigns. These one-on-one sessions will guide you through your own individual needs and help you rediscover your body with a deeper sense of freedom, mobility and vitality. While these calls were mandatory, in order to keep the program cost and your progress paced to your needs, they are now optional and can be booked with a discount as you feel the need to work with specifics. 

Online classes with the current group are held for free twice a month, once or twice a year. This is a great way to refine your understanding of the method while feeling supported with your peers. Calls are hosted by one or two of the most advanced students or certified instructors. 

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Live Workshops

While attending workshops is not a requirement for completing the program, this kind of immersion is what can catapult you into your next level of somatic awareness. Our workshops are open to anyone wanting to learn about their bodies and how to help themselves, and are joined by our trainees. This allows trainees to learn first hand how to work with new students and a range of issues, while students receive all around support.  Click here to find out about this year's Retreat's with Meredith.

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Somatic Stretch® requires an approach to working with your body that is different from most other bodywork methodologies. 

It is to be learned and taught from an experiential standpoint, rather than as a series of movements or positions. This process should not be hurried and will progress at exactly the speed YOU require to embody, integrate, transform and work with your own issues while you hone the skill of teaching others.

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